St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

'Love Jesus, Love Ourselves, Love Each Other, Love Learning, Love Life'

Policies A-Z

Administration of Medication Policy 2023/2024

Admissions Policy 2023/24

Admissions Policy 2022/23

Admissions Policy 2021/22

Adverse Weather Policy 2021/22

Anti Bullying Policy 2023/24

Anti Bullying Policy (Child Friendly) 2023/24

Art Policy 2023/24

Attendance Policy 2023/24

Behaviour and Care Policy 2021

Bereavement Policy 2024/26

British Values

Central Record of Recruitment and Vetting Checks Policy

Charging and Remissions Policy

Children Missing Education and Pupil Mobility Policy 2023

Compliments and Complaints Policy 2023

Computing Policy 2020

Confidentiality Policy 2020

Cyberbullying Policy 2023/24

Data and E-Security Breach Prevention and Management Policy 2020

Design & Technology Policy 2024

Dignity at Work Policy 2020

Early Years Policy 2024/25

ECT Policy 2021/22

Educational Visits Policy 2021

Equality and Accessibility Plan Policy 2020/21

First Aid and Medical Related Policy 2024/25

Freedom of Information Policy

Foreign Languages Policy 2024

GDPR Policy 2020

Geography Policy 2023/24

Gifts and Hospitality Policy 2021

Health & Safety Policy 2024/25

History Policy 2023/24

Homework Policy 2024/25

Infection Control Policy 2020

Intimate Care Policy 2023/25

Lockdown Policy

Lone Worker Policy 2021/22

Lone Worker Risk Assessment

Managing Serial Complaints Policy 2020

Maths Policy 2024/25

Maths Addition and Subtraction Calculation Policy

Maths Multiplication and Division Calculation Policy

Moral Development Policy 2024

Music Policy 2024

New Governor Induction, Code of Conduct and Checklist 2020

Online Safety Policy 2024/25

Organisational Change Policy 2020

Parent Code Of Conduct Policy 2021/22

Photography and Videos Policy 2020

Physical Education Policy 2023/24

Prayer & Liturgy Policy 2023/24

PSHE Policy 2023/24

Premises Management Policy

Prevent Duty Policy 2024/25

Pupil Code of Conduct Policy 2021/22

Quality Marking, Feedback and Presentation Policy 2023/24

Religious Education Policy 2022

Remote Learning Policy 2021

RSHE Policy 2024

Safeguarding, Child Protection and Early Help Policy 2023/24

Science Policy 2023/24

SEMH Policy 2023/24

SEND Policy 2024/25

Snow and Ice Risk Assessment

Social Distancing Policy 2020

Social Media Policy 2020

Spiritual Development Policy 2024

Sports Premium 2021/22

Staff Social Media Policy 2020

Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Policy 2020/21

Teaching & Learning Policy 2020

Visitors Policy 2023/24

Volunteer Policy 2023/24

Working at Temperature Risk Assessment

Writing Policy 2024