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Whole School Events

Well done to the rugby team, won in their semi final against Gilded Hollins 46-0 .

Fantastic team effort, on to the finals now!  Smile

FOSJ Race Night 

Halloween Disco 

Rugby Team 2016

St Joseph's - John Woods Cup 1/7/16

Race for Life

Some of our Staff ran for a good cause on Sunday June 5th. It was a hot day but they managed to raise a lot of money for Cancer Research. Well done ladies!! 

Trip to Bridgewater Hall

Miss Daley treated St Joseph’s choir to a trip to the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester on Wednesday 4th February 2015.

Fifty children from Years 3 – 6 were rewarded for attending choir practice each week and performing at Bedford Care home, the Infant Nativity and the Autumn Fair. They have worked hard and enjoyed being a member of the school choir and this concert called Halle in the Sun was a real treat. The children listened to the Halle Orchestra LIVE!

The concert was an opportunity to explore orchestral music related to a theme; the Halle Orchestra was conducted by Jamie Phillips and presented by Tom Redmond.

Our Key Stage 2 pupils enjoyed this Concert, learning about the sections of the orchestra, different composers and with the use of scratch and sniff cards, the moods of the music.

 It was an exciting, educational and music-filled experience!

See some photographs below.

Trip to the Cinema

Mr Ackers treated the whole school to a visit to Cineworld cinema in Leigh to watch

Mr Peabody and Sherman.’

All staff and every child attended

5th November 2014 Autumn 2

see photographs below

Police visit school

During the second half of Spring term the Police came into school to talk to all of Key Stage 2 about a number of contemporary issues.

They talked about esafety and reminded the children how to keep safe on their computers, mobiles and iPads. The main message was for children to never give out any personal information to someone who they’ve not met.

They discussed stranger danger and reminded children not to trust anyone they don’t know. If their parents haven’t informed them or school about any change of arrangements for picking up or walking home then not to do them.

Chris and Chucky also explained the importance of following school rules and the consequences of breaking rules. Being respectful and trying their best are all good life skills that they’ll need when they finish school and live in the working world.

 They are to return to school in the summer term to speak to the Infant children about keeping safe and crossing the roads etc.

Some photographs below

Shakespeare Week

Exploring the Sonnet

As part of the celebration of Shakespeare Week in school, the children were invited to learn and perform some of his sonnets.

 It was a great pleasure for me to work with our children and introduce them to the beauty, wit and wisdom of these lovely poems.

 I was surprised by the enthusiasm of the response, thinking that the children might be overwhelmed by the strangeness of the iambic pentameter, the subtlety of the themes and the sheer richness of imagery. Not a bit of it!  They loved it.

 On the day of the competitive performance they delivered beautifully.  It was touching to hear our children speaking the very best of our wonderful language – a treasure which is their heritage.

 Once memorised, these poems will be theirs for life.  Today they have not experienced the unrequited love or disappointments in the world described in the sonnets but, perhaps later, Shakespeare remembered will bring them insight, consolation or simple pleasure.


Literacy Governor

Some photographs below